Silent Meditation - vinyl LP (3 Pack)
Silent Meditation - vinyl LP (3 Pack)
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Silent Meditation - vinyl LP (3 Pack)

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20 minutes of complete silence on each side of the album. There's no narration or sound. You can use it for meditation or put it on whenever you want to enjoy twenty minutes of silence.

- We're pressed this record on 140 grams of super cool translucent vinyl
- Bestselling silent record of 2019 and 2020 (probably)
- Huge success on Kickstarter - 900% above goal - with hundreds of seemingly satisfied meditators 
- This is a discounted GIFT PACK of the 3 COPIES (the perfect gift for the person that wants nothing.)   

Full story:    

Silent Meditation was an unexpected project. My son got a record player for Christmas and was excited to buy his first albums. We went digging through used record stores and he came across an album he thought I would like, The Art of Meditation. It was made in the 1970s with dreamy cover art and it was only 6 bucks. As a fan of meditation, I bought it and took it home to play. The first part was an explanation why meditation was good for you, then came a few sternly guided meditations. It wasn’t at all what I wanted.

But what was I expecting? What would I want from a meditation record?

I thought about it, seriously, and then realized I just wanted silence. I wanted a record that created space. I imagined putting it on and listening to the first side. During that 20 minutes, dozens of thoughts would appear and disappear. Each listening would be totally different, a surprise, and another chance to be aware.

Having a physical record was not just cool, but probably surprisingly useful. I imagined flipping through albums, looking for something to play. It would stand out, like an invitation to a party. Hey! Let’s go sit.

So my son and I decided to work on this project together. We would produce a silent record, one meditation on each side. There would be no sound, no narration, no chimes at the end. You would drop the needle and enjoy the silence.

We printed this on 140g translucent vinyl. Each side will contain 20 minutes of silence at 33 ⅓ RPM. At 45 RPM you can access the hidden feature, a shorter 15-minute meditation.

Note: this does not require a record player to be fully enjoyed. Technically, it doesn’t even require this record.

That said, silence is a valuable territory, rarely explored. It is surprising, sometimes terrifying, and we often avoid it. This album can be a mirror to see yourself or a new window to the world. 

This a serious product, and in its seriousness we also hope it creates some levity. The record is a reminder that silence is valuable, and it can be enjoyed. To purchase a record and play a silent meditation is intentionally humorous. Silence, like meditation, can feel severe, even punitive. Having a silent record might remind you that's not always the case.

Eric and Ben


If I already meditate regularly, is this record for me?

Absolutely. You can use this recording as part of your regular practice. This silence has been specifically designed to be fully compatible will zen, vipassana, mindfulness, Vedic meditation, and all other traditions.

Some parts of this sound like John Cage’s 4’33? Is that intentional?

No, but what a compliment! Cage’s composition was music, and he wanted to include all sounds in that definition. This is not music, nor were any musicians involved in this recording. This silence is very different. It's an invitation to observe your experience, and it's tool to help you do so.